Apparently it’s June right now. And apparently we’re already half way through June. I’m not really sure what that’s all about, but it definitely isn’t helping that Seattle has been so gloomy this month. I was under the impression that Seattle has nice summers, but then I heard that June-uary is something that exists. Sadly you read that correctly … Juneuary. If you recall my post from early February, it rained every single day of January this year. Luckily June hasn’t been quite that bad, but in my head it might as well still be January.

This morning it was only partly cloudy, so I drove down to the beach and listened to a podcast. The general theme of the podcast was getting older, and they were musing on the question of why time moves so much faster as we age. I’ve always been under the impression that it’s because a single day becomes a smaller percentage of our overall life as we get older, but in the podcast they mentioned a totally different theory. In short, the theory is that our perception of time is linked closely to forming new memories. As children, we’re forming new memories all the time so our perception of that time period is slower. As we transition into the routine of adult life, however, time moves faster because it all blends into one thing.

Reflecting on this bizarre time of quarantine and isolation, I can’t help but notice how my brain has essentially compartmentalized this whole situation into just a couple of days. Since March, almost all of my days have been indistinguishable. I’m constantly in the same environment, and my daily patterns are ingrained. Though I’m only working during the week, the weekends honestly don’t even feel that different.

Going with the theory that new memories increase our perception of time, it totally makes sense as to why the last six months of my life have absolutely flown by. Weirdly enough, though, this period of time has also felt endless … ???

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope I’ll get to make some new wonderful memories soon enough. I’d like to find more ways to break the pattern, and savor all that life has to offer. It’s time for Juneuary to end!

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