Life and Tyler

I’m excited to announce a unique addition to Life and Matt … guest posts!  I asked Tyler if he would be willing to kick things off with the first ever guest post, and he sent me this awesome and inspiring reflection.  Without further ado, here’s Life and Tyler …

Imagine you went out for a run on a cool summer morning. However, instead of your normal routine of deciding how far you want to run or where to make this or that turn, you must follow a white line on the ground from beginning to end. No deviation, just run on top of this line. Would you feel confined? Limited? Annoyed?

I was out running the other day, in the beautiful River Front Park of Spokane, WA, where I saw the most incredible sight. To be honest, at first I thought it was strange, because it looked like two people running very slowly, right next to each other, holding hands. Just as I was about to confirm my judgement of them as I speedily approached to pass them, I saw a big label on the bottom of each of their shirts. The middle-age woman’s read, “sight runner” and the man’s “blind runner.”

I was already quite elated to be running that morning, taking in the sights and nostalgia of my college years, but something about seeing this “blind runner” gave me a new sense of euphoria. This man was blind, or relatively blind, but loved running so much he was willing to run through a crowded park of people, risk the chance of hurting himself, all to maintain what gives him joy. He didn’t let his loss of autonomy stop him from his pursuit of wellness. And how special would it be to be his “sight runner?” She was a beacon of hope for someone who had lost the ability to do something on their own.

If running is not your thing, what is? What gives you joy and makes you feel whole? Have you done that thing today? Or have you made an excuse? Channel your inner “blind runner” and go make it happen. And then ask yourself, how can you make it happen for someone else? Who’s “sight runner” can you be today, tomorrow, or the next?


life and tyler

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