Back to Reality

My process for writing a blog post typically begins with a cup of coffee, some music, and a picture.  Right now I’m sitting with a Storyville mug at my desk, a Kasey Musgraves album spinning in the background, and a picture of a sunset I took at Orcas Island.  Reflecting on the taste, sounds, and sight of this morning, the first word that comes to mind is reality.

When I use the word reality, I’m not using it to simply describe my present state of being.  For me, the word reality is one step beyond that.  I believe that reality is an experience that evokes the deepest truth of your being.  Reality is when you’re sitting somewhere, and you suddenly think to yourself … wow there’s literally nothing I would rather be doing right now.  I don’t know what it is about writing a blog post on a Sunday morning while drinking a cup of coffee and listening to a record, but I can tell you with certainly that there’s nothing I’d rather be doing right now.  This is my reality.

Last week I camped on Orcas Island with my parents, and I can honestly say that each and every moment was a perfect expression of reality.  Unlike a sort of flashy vacation with lots of attractions and spectacles, Orcas Island had a simple beauty that was captivating.  We spent our days walking around the island, kayaking on the lake, and playing cards at our site while watching the sunset.  It was the perfect type of vacation simply because it was real.

One of the first things we did after getting back home from Orcas Island was to call my grandma.  She loved hearing about our wonderful time together, but then she said something that slit my soul like a paper cut: “I guess you have to go back to reality now”.  Back to reality?!  I’m guessing that I’ve probably written about this on my blog before, but back to reality has got to be one of my most hated phrases of all time.  The reason for my hatred is simply that back to reality is typically used to describe the process of resigning yourself to the monotony of daily existence and responsibility.  While I admit that the monotony of daily existence is a valid piece of life, I definitely wouldn’t call it reality!

Instead of saying back to reality when you come home from vacation, I encourage you to say back to reality when your vacation begins!  Reality shouldn’t be something you resign yourself to, it should be something you invite yourself to!


Life and Matt

2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Love the last line there Matt. Perfect.

    I went to the San Juan Islands last summer with Nick, Luke, and Austin. We actually camped on Patos and “pilgrimaged” to convent on Shaw. I remember being on the water vividly. The cool sea breeze and beautiful islands. But you are right, there is a whole lot of reality to be lived tomorrow, whether or not we are sleeping under the stars or within the same four walls we grow so accustomed to. Invite yourself to reality!


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    1. I had no idea that you went to the San Juan Islands! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the invitation to reality. One of these days we’ll have to enjoy some more reality with one another!


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