I went skiing with my dad a few weeks ago in Colorado and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!  The temperature and snow at the top of the mountain were just right, and we were able to enjoy outdoor burgers and fries at the base like a warm summer day.  I’ve been skiing with my dad ever since I was a kid, and it’s been interesting to see how our dynamic has shifted as the years have gone by.  My dad always used to be the one in front, stopping every now and then for me to catch up.  After about 20 years, however, I am now the one waiting for him to catch up!

During one of our morning runs I let my dad go ahead for a bit before speeding past, weaving seamlessly through the trees, traversing across the mountain  It was at that moment I was struck by a simple realization that we each had the complete freedom to choose our own unique line down the slope.  No two skiers have ever taken the same path down any of those runs.  Every skier has the complete creative freedom to go whatever speed and whatever direction they choose.  It was such a simple realization, but such a power analogy for where I’m at in life right now.  I can draw inspiration from the skiers that have carved unique lines down the slopes before me, but at the same time I have the opportunity to choose my own unique way to the burger at the base below!

Life and Matt

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