Last weekend I went on my first camping trip of the season!  We went to Farragut State Park in Idaho and had a site right on the shore of Lake Pend Oreille.  Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, and spending time outdoors reawakened a part of myself that had pretty much been dormant for the last six snowy months in Spokane.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the outdoors and why it feels so special.  In short, I think it has something to do with nature.  The word nature comes from root natus which basically means birth.  At birth, I think that humans are exactly what and who we’re supposed to be before the world goes and messes us up.  So back to nature, it seems to me that the outdoors is basically a perpetual state of birth.  Trees and lakes don’t have mid-life crises … trees and lakes are and will always be exactly what they were created to be.  The sad thing about humans is that when the world messes with us, we forget who we were created to be.

I think that the outdoors is incredibly meaningful because it gives us a chance to be intimate with something that is authentic.  It’s an opportunity to wrap ourselves in the amazing birth (nature) of creation.  It’s a life-giving glimpse at the reality we were destined for.

Life and Matt

One thought on “Outdoors

  1. You’re right. It seems as if “nature” is an opportunity to experience something that has been created or birthed without our intervention. It’s a reminder, that we don’t control and create everything, but rather we are created and moved by something far bigger than ourselves.

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